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IT’S BEEN SOOOOO LONG… April 1, 2008

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that I don’t even know where to start?School holidays here in Victoria and I think for the first time I am actually enjoying them LOL!  In the past the girls have fought like cats and dogs but I think now that Georgia is at kinda and has grown up quite a bit in the last few months they seem to be enjoying spending time together.Last week was Georgia’s 4th birthday…wow I so can’t believe that she is four and as per usual she was spoilt rotten.  We had a party for her at McDonalds and she got to have her kinda friends there which was a big deal for Gigi.  Here is a photo of my baby just before blowing out her candles at Nana’s house. img_6735.jpgFor Easter Andrew, the girls and I headed to Castlemaine.  I so love spending time on the farm and love watching my girls enjoy it as much as I did at their age.  Caitlin and Georgia would spend the whole day with the goats if they could and it’s quite funny to see the goats follow them around…they’re just as fascinated in the girls as the girls are in them LOL!  I got some great photos on the day so here a just a few.img_6712.jpg  img_6702.jpg img_6690.jpg img_6679.jpg There is probably a million other things I should be telling you all about but I just noticed what the time is so I’m dragging my arse off to bed !Nitey nite!   



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So it has been ages since I last blogged…actually it has been ages since I last had five minutes to even turn my laptop on.  Work has been crazy fro the last month or so and I have pretty much done nothing but work.

The girls are doing great now that school and kinda are well and truly back.  Georgia just loves going to four year old kinda and the change in her over the last six or so weeks has been huge…she really is a little girl now and no longer Mummy’s baby.  Caitlin loves being in grade 1 and will tell anyone who’ll listen that she’s no longer a prepie.

Andrew has been just as busy with work as I have which means we haven’t been able to spend a whole lotta time together.  We did manage to get away for the night a couple of weeks ago by driving up to Castlemaine for the night to attend my Aunty Kate’s 60th birthday Party and are also looking forward to the fact that we both have the day off this coming Sunday.

Ebony is still in complete remission and there have been no signs of the cancer returning.  She also seems to have finally gotten use to Mummy going to work and isn’t using the old puppy dog eyes guilt trip routine with me as much as she was.

In other ‘exciting’ news I bought a new car.  I get to pick it next Wednesday and I so can’t wait.  I am the proud owner of a Black Hyundai Santa Fe, or a Tullamarine Tractor as my friends and family so eloquently refer to it, and I am totally in love with him.

Ok well that’s it for me for tonight.  It’s nearly 1am and my eyes are literally falling out of my head.

Hope everyone has had a good week and enjoys this coming weekend.  I’ll be back next week with another update I promise.

Ange xo


TGIT January 29, 2008

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yup, that’s right…thank God it’s Tuesday.  School goes back tomorrow and that means that that our routine is back.  The girls have been fighting non-stop over the past two weeks and I think we are looking forward to getting our ‘normal’ life back.

Things have been extremely hectic here at the Warren’s within the last two or three weeks.  Andrew and I have both been flat out at work and we have also had quite a few social engagements…social little butterflies are we.

Speaking of work, this weekend coming will be my first full weekend off since November and it will be a long weekend too.  I have Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off work and I am so looking forward to it.  Sarah has me inspired to get things done around the house and Andrew wants to help me clean out my scrap room and put my new bookcase together so it should be a productive four days.

Well that’s it for me.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Ange xx



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because I LOVE bananas!  They are my favourite food (well a tie with pumpkin) and while I can eat them any way they are served, I do love smoothies.  I’m sure you all just had to know this…but while having a little play with my blog and seeing this theme I just had to do it.

Tonight I had Kimmy’s Calendar Class down at Scraptacular and while I didn’t quite finish (I would have to be the world’s slowest scrapper and it doesn’t help that I am anal), I absolutely love what I have so far.  I so wanted to keep scrapping when I got home LOL!

Earlier today I braved the shopping centre with the kids and went ‘back to school’ shopping.  Other than the kids being feral PMSL I did manage to get new school shoes for Caitlin, a couple of pairs of shoes for kinda for Miss G, heaps of white bobby socks, black bum huggers and summer shorts…phew!  The only thing left on my list is a leotard for gymnastics and I might just have to wait until she starts on Wednesday night and get one before class as I had no luck finding one today.

Tomorrow I have Wend, Didi, Jacinta and my Mum coming over for lunch and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day off.  Tomorrow night I have been invited to go out for yum-cha with a couple of guys from work.  Haven’t decided whether I’m going or not yet, depends on baby sitting etc and then I have to work both Saturday and Sunday.

That’s it for me for the rest of the week.

Talk to you all soon.

Ange xx


BIG CATCH UP January 23, 2008

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It’s been a while since I last posted and with all the messages, emails and phone calls I received after my last post I thought it was about time I gave you all an update, especially about Ebony.

Thankfully as far as Ebony is concerned it is all good news.  She has been to see the specialist and without going in to all the medical mumbo jumbo the outcome is really good.  She doesn’t need to have any further surgery at this stage and while with a stage one Mast Cell tumor they expect to find between three and five dividing cells, Eb only had one.  Basically waht we have to do now is have her monitored once a month for the next six months through our vet as there is a 5% chance that the tumor will grow back.  If it hasn’t grown back in that time then she is in the clear and if it does grow back then the specialist will perform the surgery then, and he is very confident that there is no reason that won’t be successful.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all their ‘good vibes’ they sent Eb’s way.  For anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Ebony (who thinks she is a person trapped in a four-legged furry body), they know how very important and special she is to Andrew, Caitlin, Georgia and I, so again thank you so very much and big licks from Eb.

In other news, I have had a shocking case of the flu that still seems to be lingering…I just can’t shift this awful cough.

Work is great and I’m still enjoying it.  I think I have finally gotten use to it and have even managed to get myself into a little bit of a routine.

The girls have been enjoying the school holidays but with one week to go I think we are all starting to count down the days until they go back.  Georgia especially is looking forward to going to ‘big girls’ kinda and last night we finally convinced her it was time for haircut.  She wanted to look just like Dora, so we relented and here she is…


The only other exciting news I have is that Andrew has been designing our new extension and renovations and has put it all into a PDF.  So if anyone is interested they can have look-see.



That’s it for me today.  Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

Ange xx


A TOUGH ROAD AHEAD January 11, 2008

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01-january-2008-187b.jpgMy world has been dealt a cruel blow today.  The vet called this afternoon with the results of the polyp they removed from Ebony’s bottom last week.  Unfortunately it is Cancer or a Mast Cell Tumor to be exact.  Now while it has been classified as a Stage 1 tumor that would normally be a walk in the park, poor Ebby has it in an awkward spot in the sense that it is not easily removed (or the remaining tissue isn’t).  We have an appointment with the specialist on Thursday who at this stage is fairly confident that he will be able to perform the surgery successfully.  our only obstacle will be whether or not he will able able to do the surgery without making her incontinent.

While I know there are some out there who would think “it’s just a dog”, Ebony is such a major part of our family and I am completely and utterly shattered.  I have spent the best part of the day in tears although since speaking to the vet again this afternoon and I am slowly feeling a little better.


YAY I HAVE A PUTER January 7, 2008

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and it works too!  My new hard drive arrived a few days ago so I am back up and running.  On the photo front I am still waiting to hear back from the Disc Doctor so keep everything crossed for me.  Speaking of photos I could so do with adding some here on my blog…it’s looking a little unloved on that front, so stay tuned.

What’s news?  Well work is going well and I am pretty much an old hand at it now LOL.  The hours are pretty good and the extra pocket money is great.

On the social scene I have finally been able to catch up with a few friends.  Kass and I got to hang out at our favourite place, Borders, and also grabbed some very yummy New Zealnd Ice-cream, very refreshing on a hot day.  I also went to the movies with a few of the Mavis’ the other night and saw Atonement and Enchanted.  Tomorrow I am heading down to the Mordialliac Foreshore for a Mini Mavis get together LOL!  Sarah thought it would be a good idea for all our kids to have a play-date and with Andrew back at work as of today it was perfect timing.

Saturday we are heading up to Ballarat for the Warren Family Annual Reunion, which is always a fun day, and I am really looking forward to do doing something as a family (Andrew, the girls and I)…seems like ages since we have that.

In other news our Million Dollar Dog, aka Ebony, has been back to the vet’s.  She had to have some dental work done and also had a pollup (sp) removed from her bottom.  They also xrayed her while she was under to make sure that all her pins from her last surgery are still where they are suppose to be.  $1200 later she has a few stitches on her bum (which requires cream applied twice a day and I haven’t won a rock off yet), the all clear on her pins and a shiny white million dollar smile to go with her name.  Ah, the joys of being a Mummy to a furbaby!

Well that’s it for me tonight.  Better go and get things organised for tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Ange xx