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IT’S BEEN SOOOOO LONG… April 1, 2008

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that I don’t even know where to start?School holidays here in Victoria and I think for the first time I am actually enjoying them LOL!  In the past the girls have fought like cats and dogs but I think now that Georgia is at kinda and has grown up quite a bit in the last few months they seem to be enjoying spending time together.Last week was Georgia’s 4th birthday…wow I so can’t believe that she is four and as per usual she was spoilt rotten.  We had a party for her at McDonalds and she got to have her kinda friends there which was a big deal for Gigi.  Here is a photo of my baby just before blowing out her candles at Nana’s house. img_6735.jpgFor Easter Andrew, the girls and I headed to Castlemaine.  I so love spending time on the farm and love watching my girls enjoy it as much as I did at their age.  Caitlin and Georgia would spend the whole day with the goats if they could and it’s quite funny to see the goats follow them around…they’re just as fascinated in the girls as the girls are in them LOL!  I got some great photos on the day so here a just a few.img_6712.jpg  img_6702.jpg img_6690.jpg img_6679.jpg There is probably a million other things I should be telling you all about but I just noticed what the time is so I’m dragging my arse off to bed !Nitey nite!