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So it has been ages since I last blogged…actually it has been ages since I last had five minutes to even turn my laptop on.  Work has been crazy fro the last month or so and I have pretty much done nothing but work.

The girls are doing great now that school and kinda are well and truly back.  Georgia just loves going to four year old kinda and the change in her over the last six or so weeks has been huge…she really is a little girl now and no longer Mummy’s baby.  Caitlin loves being in grade 1 and will tell anyone who’ll listen that she’s no longer a prepie.

Andrew has been just as busy with work as I have which means we haven’t been able to spend a whole lotta time together.  We did manage to get away for the night a couple of weeks ago by driving up to Castlemaine for the night to attend my Aunty Kate’s 60th birthday Party and are also looking forward to the fact that we both have the day off this coming Sunday.

Ebony is still in complete remission and there have been no signs of the cancer returning.  She also seems to have finally gotten use to Mummy going to work and isn’t using the old puppy dog eyes guilt trip routine with me as much as she was.

In other ‘exciting’ news I bought a new car.  I get to pick it next Wednesday and I so can’t wait.  I am the proud owner of a Black Hyundai Santa Fe, or a Tullamarine Tractor as my friends and family so eloquently refer to it, and I am totally in love with him.

Ok well that’s it for me for tonight.  It’s nearly 1am and my eyes are literally falling out of my head.

Hope everyone has had a good week and enjoys this coming weekend.  I’ll be back next week with another update I promise.

Ange xo



  1. wow great to hear from you
    /its so good that the girls are enjoying there school/kinder and eb is doing well
    ZHope you have a great day together on sunday

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