This is me…

in all my glory


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because I LOVE bananas!  They are my favourite food (well a tie with pumpkin) and while I can eat them any way they are served, I do love smoothies.  I’m sure you all just had to know this…but while having a little play with my blog and seeing this theme I just had to do it.

Tonight I had Kimmy’s Calendar Class down at Scraptacular and while I didn’t quite finish (I would have to be the world’s slowest scrapper and it doesn’t help that I am anal), I absolutely love what I have so far.  I so wanted to keep scrapping when I got home LOL!

Earlier today I braved the shopping centre with the kids and went ‘back to school’ shopping.  Other than the kids being feral PMSL I did manage to get new school shoes for Caitlin, a couple of pairs of shoes for kinda for Miss G, heaps of white bobby socks, black bum huggers and summer shorts…phew!  The only thing left on my list is a leotard for gymnastics and I might just have to wait until she starts on Wednesday night and get one before class as I had no luck finding one today.

Tomorrow I have Wend, Didi, Jacinta and my Mum coming over for lunch and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day off.  Tomorrow night I have been invited to go out for yum-cha with a couple of guys from work.  Haven’t decided whether I’m going or not yet, depends on baby sitting etc and then I have to work both Saturday and Sunday.

That’s it for me for the rest of the week.

Talk to you all soon.

Ange xx


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