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YAY I HAVE A PUTER January 7, 2008

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and it works too!  My new hard drive arrived a few days ago so I am back up and running.  On the photo front I am still waiting to hear back from the Disc Doctor so keep everything crossed for me.  Speaking of photos I could so do with adding some here on my blog…it’s looking a little unloved on that front, so stay tuned.

What’s news?  Well work is going well and I am pretty much an old hand at it now LOL.  The hours are pretty good and the extra pocket money is great.

On the social scene I have finally been able to catch up with a few friends.  Kass and I got to hang out at our favourite place, Borders, and also grabbed some very yummy New Zealnd Ice-cream, very refreshing on a hot day.  I also went to the movies with a few of the Mavis’ the other night and saw Atonement and Enchanted.  Tomorrow I am heading down to the Mordialliac Foreshore for a Mini Mavis get together LOL!  Sarah thought it would be a good idea for all our kids to have a play-date and with Andrew back at work as of today it was perfect timing.

Saturday we are heading up to Ballarat for the Warren Family Annual Reunion, which is always a fun day, and I am really looking forward to do doing something as a family (Andrew, the girls and I)…seems like ages since we have that.

In other news our Million Dollar Dog, aka Ebony, has been back to the vet’s.  She had to have some dental work done and also had a pollup (sp) removed from her bottom.  They also xrayed her while she was under to make sure that all her pins from her last surgery are still where they are suppose to be.  $1200 later she has a few stitches on her bum (which requires cream applied twice a day and I haven’t won a rock off yet), the all clear on her pins and a shiny white million dollar smile to go with her name.  Ah, the joys of being a Mummy to a furbaby!

Well that’s it for me tonight.  Better go and get things organised for tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Ange xx


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