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GAINFULLY EMPLOYED November 24, 2007

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yup that’s right, I got the job!

The interview was a group interview, 16 of us in total, and while I have done group interviews before I have always found them a little intimidating…this one however was anything but.  A great bunch of people and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of us got it.

Anyway training starts this Monday, 9am!  I have three weeks of full time training before I start my permanent roster.  Won’t know my exact shifts until then but they will be between 4pm and 10pm Monday to Friday and then we have a separate roster for weekend shifts (one Saturday a month etc).

Unfortunately it means I will miss out on a few things that were coming up on the calendar, bummer, but on the upside it means plenty of cash just in time for Christmas (which ridiculously is in 4 weeks).

Well that’s it for me for now…need to drag my tired arse into bed.

Will update a little more soon.

Have a good weekend!

Ange xx



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including fingers, toes and stretchmarks (of course only if you have them LOL)!

I have a job interview tomorrow and am a tad excited.  After the disappointment of the last job falling through I’m hoping this is the one.  If I get it I will begin 3 weeks of intense full time training starting Monday (26th November), 9 – 5.30pm Monday to Friday which is sure to be a shock to the system PMSL, but I’m ready for it.

Wish me luck!


IT’S A GIRL November 13, 2007

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Woohoo!  Just got word from Cara Carbonara that our gorgeous Shazza has finally had her little bubba.

Ava Paige was born at 12.45pm today (C-setion) weighing in at 3010g (about 6lb6oz).

A huge Congratulations to Shazza, Jason and their families and a big welcome to the world to little Miss Ava!


I’VE MOVED November 9, 2007

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to a new blog. Hope you will all still come and visit and don’t forget to update your blog rolls/bloglines.

Ange xx




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and a few of you are reminding me how slack I am, so without further ado here is an update LOL!

It has been so long since I blogged that I don’t know what I have told you and what I haven’t, so bare with me if I repeat anything.

So what’s news?

  • toilet training is STILL going and I am starting to think this darling little cherub will be in pull ups till she’s 21. I am at my wits end so if anyone has any ideas PLEEEEEASE send them my way.
  • Caitlin has been rehearsing for the whole school revue which will be held next Thursday. Her Prep/1 class is doing “The Whole Tooth and nothing but the Tooth” and she is a tooth fairy. Andrew and I along with my in laws are going to the matinee show and cause I couldn’t get any more tickets I have ordered the DVD for my Mum and Dad.
  • Caitlin is still really enjoying Gymnastics and Georgia is now starting to show some interest too so we might have to look into starting her next year.
  • Renovations have come to a bit of a standstill at the moment but we have just been so busy lately that we haven’t had any time.
  • Pink Ribbon Day lunch at Wend’s was a blast and we even managed to raise over $300, which is an amazing effort for 10 women (and four little girls). Wend gave a lovely speech to remind us all why we were there and having Dawn in the room made it all the more real.
  • Last weekend was the Cup Day long weekend here in Melbourne and I was a dirty little stop out and hardly home the whole time PMSL. Friday night I went down to Linda Loo’s for a Chef’s toolbox Party and had a great night with the girls. Saturday Caitlin, Georgia and I picked Uncle Dunk and Aunty Wend up from the airport and came back to our place for a much needed catch up. Sunday Andrew the girls and I just hung out at home watching DVD’s all days, a much needed rest day. Monday morning I was out the door at 8.30am for an Osteopath appointment (I had managed to put three vertebrae out in my neck the week before) before heading down to Scraptac for the Cup Eve Crop. To say I didn’t get any scrapping done would be an understatement but I did manage to do some first grade fluffing (Kimmy you would be proud). Monday night I stayed at Linda’s saving me a trip back again the next day for Joad’s. It turned into a bit of a Mavis night with Wendy, Cara, Didi, Rach and Kimmy joining Linda and I for what turned into one very funny night.
  • Tuesday (Cup Day) was Joad’s birthday. Linda, Cara, Didi, Deb, Kimmy, Robbie and I went along as well as alot of Joad’s family and friends. It was a great day and I don’t think I have ever eaten that much food LOL, the Turkish bread and homemade dips were divine. Unfortunately I didn’t do too well in the race and I am sure my horse is still running.
  • The rest of this week has been spent lazying around at home. Andrew had the whole week off and it was just nice to hang out together at home…we don’t get to do that very often. It’s all over now though as he has gone back to work tonight and is working all weekend.

Well I guess that’s all for now (pat yourself on the back if you managed to read the whole way through this post.
Before I go though I do have a few shout outs;

  • Sending all my good thoughts and vibes out to K and her family and hoping that M has a very speedy recovery.
  • Duncan…this is notice to you that you are not allowed to take Wend out of the state ever again LOL! God I missed you Wend…welcome home.
  • Shazza, Shazza, Shazza! Worse case scenario, you will only be preggers for 3 more sleeps. Thinking of you gorgeous and can’t wait to meet this much anticipated little baby Mavis.
  • Lastly, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the very talented Kimmy Ogden who has been announced as an Elite Team Member for 2008. How you managed to keep that a secret from us I’ll never know PMSL but it is so truly deserved and I am absolutely thrilled for you. Couldn’t have happened to a more genuine and talented chook as you! Well Done Kimmy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend…I’m off to put the kids in the bath and then bed. Fingers crossed I might actually get some scrapping done tonight (SHOCK HORROR)!



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Ok, so why have I moved I hear you ask?  My old blog was giving me the jimmy brits…it would only work when it felt like it and even though it was free, I still expected it to work…maybe I was asking too much LOL.

Anyway a few girls gave me the heads up on wordpress, so here I am.  Fingers crossed that it’s smooth sailing…I might even blog a little more now…but don’t hold your breath PMSL!

I will update this new blog over the next couple of days and start making it a little more like home.

Ange xx