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in all my glory


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a dog, two little girls and one flustered mother after a trip to the vets. Mother decides that on the way home she will stop at 7-Eleven to buy some bread and milk. She parks right out the front, leaves the kids and dog in the car while she quickly ducks in…she guesses she will only be a minute or two. The mother grabs the bread and milk and heads over to the counter to pay only to find that there is a queue. In total she is probably only in the store for less than five minutes. She returns to the car, finding nothing abnormal, and heads home to make lunch for the kids. The kids decide to eat their sandwiches and yoghurt out in the sunshine while the mother sits down for a much needed caffeine fix. The littlest of the two girls comes in wanting to wipe yoghurt off her face and the mother notices something different about her fringe. To end a long story short, whilst the mother had been in the store buying bread and milk the two little girls had undone their seatbelts climbed over into the front seat, grabbed some scissors from the glove box, returned to the back seat and gave each other a haircut. The mother is unsure of whether to laugh or cry and all she can think is thank god we had the professional photos taken last weekend!

I will have to take some photos later to show you the evidence.



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Wow!!! What a fantastic day I had on Saturday. I take my hat off to Jody White who did an amazing job of organising the event and who even managed to reach her goal of raising $10,000. It was great to catch up with the Scrap Pile girls (old friends and new) and although I only managed to complete two LO’s in the seven hours I was there, it was well worth it. Dylan’s dad was there and just hearing him speak about his adorable little boy, brought tears to my eyes. It also made me realise just how ‘normal’ a family they are and that none of us are immune to something like this happening in our families. Although the day was a huge success, the money raised only helps for so long, and still more money is needed. Please go and check out Jody’s blog and if there is anything that you can do to help, just let her know.

In other news…we had a pretty full on weekend just gone. Isn’t it always the way? You have nothing on for ages and then all of a sudden you need to be in a million different places at once. After driving down to Frankston North on Saturday I then had to come back to Coburg to pick the girls up from Mum and Dad’s, come home and quickly get changed and then head out to a 21st in Wallan. Talk about driving half way around the world.

Yesterday I managed to recuperate, even with four kids in the house LOL I was looking after Jess’ two boys yesterday and they were perfect ALL day. Ethan is the same age as Caitlin so the two of them headed outside and other than asking for lunch and a drink, we never saw them. Angus was happy to just plod around and then when he looked a little tired I set up the port-a-cot, put him down and didn’t hear another thing for almost 2 and a half hours! Jess those gorgeous boys of yours are welcome here any time!

I can’t believe that Paperific is here already…Where have the last eight weeks gone? If anyone is planning on heading in to Paperific this coming weekend I will be working at the Scrapanalia stand all three days so make sure you come by and say hello and have a look at all the yummy products that Jess will have there. There will also be some great ‘surprises’ so come and check it out.

Lastly, a big thankyou to everyone who left comments here, emailed me or phoned, to congratulate me on becoming a Lime Tart. I’m still pinching myself and looking forward to my first kit arriving in the next couple of days. Wait till you see it, it is just divine! As soon as I have had a play I will post a few sneak peaks and then you can head over to the November gallery and check out what my fellow talented ‘Tarts’ have created.

Hope everyone has a great week!


I’M A TART… October 20, 2006

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a Lime Tart to be exact! I can finally share my secret, not that I have been busting to at all LOL! I am so thrilled and excited to be part of this Design Team and I am in great company too, with the other Tarts being Lee Woodside, Mel Nunn and Marieke Broekman. Although I was unlucky not to win a spot in Wendy Redshaw Bruhns extra class at Kiwi Scraps, I was lucky enough to be able to see the Lime Tart kits the girls got to use in the class. They were divine, to say the least, and I have been stalking the Lime Tart website ever since. I am so looking forward to getting my hands on these kits every month and can’t thank Philippa enough for giving me the wonderful opportunity. So don’t forget to go and have a look-see (if you already haven’t) and stay tuned for the upcoming November kit gallery.


HOW CUTE … October 18, 2006

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is this little man? This is my gorgeous nephew Ethan, who at just 4 months old, is already a lady’s man.



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I have a secret that I should be able to tell you by this afternoon…

and before you all start emailing me, it’s a scrap related secret so NO I am no pregnant


A FEW TOOT’S TO SEND OUT October 14, 2006

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for some great friends who have some great things happening in their lives…

Kass – who is in hot demand for part-time work after treading the pavement for a few months. All your hard work has paid off. And a big well done on getting through your first year of Uni.

Trina – my dearest JAFFA pal who has had her beautiful work recognised and been given an Elite Team position with the NZ mag Up 2 Scrap.

Katie – this wonderfully talented photographer has had the spotlight shined on her in the latest SC mag. Well deserved Katie.

Elizabeth – after several months of stress a ‘sea change’ is in order. Congratulations and good luck on your new journey.

I also want to send all my love and best wishes to the adorable Miss Wendy who had surgery on Monday afternoon. Always thinking of you Wend and wishing you and Dunc all the best for a speedy recovery.

Hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope there is great things happening in your lives too!


MMM…EYE CANDY October 13, 2006

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Been doing a little window shopping…Oohh how I love new release time! Here are a few of my fav’s (hint hint Jess)

Crate Paper – I am just loving Crate at the moment. They are one of my all time fav’s.

Cherry Arte – mmm more glorious chipboard

Prima – just a glimpse of the huge new range they have apparently brought out.

Chatterbox – this is for Kass, who loves Chatterbox

Ki Memories Stamps – Nothing more needs to be said other than “stamps”.

Crate Avenue – most people that know me know that I have a thing for handbags so the thought of a scrapbooking company bringing out something like this is just bliss for me.

Art Warehouse – Just scroll down Danielle’s blog to see all the new goodies. Gotta get me one of each of those swatch books.

Maya Road – I love chipboard and Maya Road have out done themselves this time. Check out the new chipboard books.

Pink Martini Designs – this is a great kit site and they have a newsletter that is worth signing uo for. They also accept submissions for OTP stuff to make into kits, so check it out.

Basic Grey – I don’t think I am as obsessed with BG as much as I use to be but I have to say that I always love their Christmas range.